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Bait Runners

A platform where fishers share their passion.

The idea behind Bait Runners was to create a base for a community space where all kinds of anglers could come together to share their catches, stories, and more.

This project was born during the pandemic when fishing license sales spiked in many parts of the world. This means that fishing is much more than a hobby; it's a way for people to unwind from everyday life.

Role: Visual Identity, Motion Design, 3D

angling club logo design wordmark branding
branding logos fishing club angling club wordmark and symbol

Kicking off the identity with a logo inspired by the sharpness of hooks and a symbol made of a full terminal, representing unity. From the logo to the applications, we are surrounded by a bright and energetic palette that captures the spirit of a typical fishing day.

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bait runners fishing club angling clothing logo front shirt
bait runners fishing club angling clothing logo fishes front
bait runners animated long sleeve fishing shirt angling casting animation
bait runners fishing club angling clothing long sleeve shirt pattern