giovanni linzas personal branding logo animation project introduction
Giovanni Linzas

Hello there, my name is Giovanni and I’m a multidisciplinary designer born and raised in Italy.

Few years back I have been working on my personal identity, something I needed because of the launch of my website and starting a new path as a freelance graphic designer. 

I was so excited about the idea of making it stand out but I didn’t think of many aspects that led to an unbalanced and not-working identity system.

Every designer knows how challenging can be to design his own identity himself, so much hesitation and usually overthinking because you will end up having lots of options and it makes difficult to choose.

rough logo sketches for the personal branding project
The solution

The solution I came up with was to create an elegant and simple mark that resembles my personality and my style, making it easier to identify over the years.

One of the goals was to include my initials following the same path as the old logo but making it clear and simple using basic shapes, which makes it legible on different surfaces and different sizes.

highlighting pros and cons of my new and old logo of the new and old logo design for giovanni linzas personal branding
The concept

This idea is inspired by the old version of the logo, with the simplicity of the shapes it allows for a smooth use both in digital and print.

I decided to follow a different direction this time by creating something that best represents myself and how I approach every design project from start to finish.

brand colors and logo usage for giovanni linzas personal branding project
typography system giovanni linzas personal branding using inter regular
business cards for giovanni linzas personal branding project with black background
letterhead and invoice minimal design for giovanni linzas personal branding 2020
poster design for the logo reveal of giovanni linzas brand identity
typography poster about inter typeface specimen
typography and shapes poster about bruno munari A designer is a planner with an aesthetic sense
three posters collection about graphic design and typography for giovanni linzas personal branding

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