LUMIO is a jewelry company founded in 2018 by the designer Luke Miller.

They aim to provide the customer with the best experience through their quality services and make sure they are satisfied with the products.

They also offer custom jewelry, where every piece is meticulously crafted and well-curated, from the concept, creation and final assembly, by the designer himself and his associates.

This concept portrays the spirit of quality and elegance, ideated to appeal a more premium audience and even jewelry enthusiasts of older age.

The idea

The aim of this project was to create something that reflects the business and the type of service they offer.

I came up with a minimal and clear idea highlighting the core values of quality and innovation displayed on the mark, which represents both a crown and the owner’s initials with a circle around meaning uniqueness and exclusivity.

While for the wordmark I decided to use uniform width allowing for better readability and clarity at the same time.

lumio midnight blue color palette for branding #101B2D
lumio ocher yellow color palette for branding #E7AF4A
lumio white color palette for branding #FFFFFF
The color choice for LUMIO expresses elegance, exclusivity, simplicity and quality. It was mainly inspired by the relationship that a person has with jewels. how people dress and how they combine jewels with, were the main focal points during the research.
lato regular typeface specimen for lumio

For the typeface, I looked for something modern and most important, legible. It was very important to choose a typeface that was familiar to the main logo to keep consistency across the brand.

lumio artisan making jewelry
lumio artisan repairing watch
lumio clock maker repairing watch
square business cards in a paper cover
lumio square business cards
lumio ribbon cloth made to wrap packaging with logo on it
lumio pattern with logo crown and circles
lumio shopping bags mockup minimal with logo on it
lumio jewelry packaging minimal ring
lumio wrinkled cloth with gold logo applied

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