Powerful Identities for Powerful Brands.

Nice to meet you! I’m Giovanni, a multi-disciplinary designer based in Italy. I focus on Brand Identity design with a simplistic approach. Oh, and I also love to animate things.

In the last couple of years, I have worked with a wide range of clients from all over the world helping their business thrive through memorable stories.

Always open for exciting projects and collaborations!

What I do

· Logo Design
· Visual Identity
· Packaging Design
· Editorial Design
· Motion Design
· Video Editing

My Process

Having a process helps you better communicate your ideas without getting lost and reach the goals in the clearest possible way. Here you can see how I approach every project from start to finish.


The first approach will be to get to know you and the business for a deeper understanding, define the problems and set the goals.


Research about the industry, market, target audience and the company history. It helps to learn more and develop a unique brand identity.

Sketching & Development

Now it's time to turn the ideas into visual concepts from all the information we gathered. This step will consist in creating all the needed brand assets.

Review & Refinement

Make sure everything is following the right direction and make adjustments based on the feedback received. Choose the concepts and move to the next step.


I will create a presentation that will include all the items designed such as, logo and variations, color and typography system, deliverables and applications.


Once everything is finalized and approved, I then forward all the files in various formats for use in digital and print, along with a style guide.

Let's create something great together!

Do you have something in mind and want to chat about it, or just want to say hi? send me a message at hello@giovannilinzas.com or fill out the form below.